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Research TOOLS



We have developed and administered engagement and organizational culture surveys to more than 8,000 employees across 10 organizations (and counting). We have the capability to deploy surveys digitally (compatible with computers and mobile devices) as well as traditionally (by pen and paper). We conduct data analysis using advanced technologies that allow us to evaluate both qualitative and quantitative data. 

Background Literature & Interviews

Every initiative begins with extensive background research using a comprehensive literature search of articles published in the top management and psychology journals as well as practitioner-oriented publications. We analyze and examine previous research using a variety of techniques to understand and assess the current state of knowledge.


Large Scale Initiatives

We have conducted several large-scale initiatives with the aim to improve employee experiences. Our most recent initiative was successful, reaching more than 7,500+ employees. Our research team has extensive understanding about organizational initiatives and interventions, as Elizabeth Trinh recently published a peer-reviewed research paper on interventions in the highest impact journal in the field of management.

Why Collaborate with us?

“Both industry and academia stand to benefit from long-term cooperation. Companies will gain greater access to cutting-edge research and scientific talent at a time when corporate R&D budgets are increasingly under pressure. Universities will gain access to financial support and partners in research at a time when government funding is shrinking. Most importantly, society will benefit from a stream of previously unimaginable advances — in life sciences, biomedical engineering, communications, environmental sciences, artificial intelligence, and more — that will vastly improve everyone’s life.”

Kenneth R. Lutchen

“Why Companies and Universities Should Forge Long-Term Collaborations”

Harvard Business Review

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