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ODESI (Organizational Development through Employing Strategic Initiatives) is a multidisciplinary research lab at the University of Michigan - Ross School of Business. Led by Elizabeth Trinh (Ph.D. Candidate), the ODESI Lab consists of both undergraduate and graduate students who seek to apply their research expertise to solve real-world business challenges across a wide array of industries.

The ODESI Lab has partnered with organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, ranging in size from a few dozen employees to more than 70,000 employees. During each collaboration, we work closely with executive teams, middle managers, and ground-level employees to ensure that everyone fully understands the collective goals. Our team has worked with organizations to improve communication across organizational levels, increase organizational performance, and inspire leaders and employees to find their purpose in the workplace.

Elizabeth Trinh

Elizabeth received her B.A. in International Relations, B.S.H. in Science, Technology, and Society, and M.A. in Sociology, all at Stanford University. After completing her master’s studies, she was granted the Predoctoral Research Fellowship with Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS) to work with Professor Woody Powell. Elizabeth is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Management and Organizations at the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business. At Michigan, she has won the prestigious Rackham Merit Fellowship as well as several awards for mentorship of undergraduate students. 

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Meet Our Team



Aashray Chhabra, Joshua Chetrit, Fatima Farrukh, Reagan Kaelle, Jack Lado, Margaret Needham, Rachel Osias, Linh Tran, Ivan Wang

Mitchell Davidson, Kayla Zhang, Isabella Falcon

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